Robertson Fencing

Forestry Ground Preparation

Robertson Fencing operates a fleet of specially modified and guarded, forest ready CAT excavators for a full range of forestry ground preparation operations. In addition we offer a forestry ploughing service with our Valtra tractors, CAT D4 crawler and Clark forestry ploughs.

All operators are FMOC qualified with experience of grant funded, private and public forestry projects

Re Stock

For the re stocking of harvested forestry sites we can offer the following services

  • Trench mounding
  • Hinge mounding
  • V drains
  • Flat top drains
  • ATV access track
  • Brash raking

Woodland Creation

For the creation of new woodlands and forest areas we can offer the following services

  • Hinge mounding
  • Inverted mounding
  • Ditch dolloping
  • Single throw tine mouldboard ploughing
  • Double throw tine mouldboard ploughing
  • Ditching and drainage
  • Access tracks


In addition to our forestry ground preparation services we can also offer the following groundworks

  • Road / track construction
  • Hill paths
  • Drainage
  • Site clearance